A new way to support YOUR club

Bulls supporters have been widely recognised and praised for their patience and loyalty over the last few years and they have without doubt played their own vital part in the recent resurgence of the club.

As we approach a new era in Rugby League we want to give supporters the chance to play an even bigger part in the future of our great club.

Many of you will be aware of the excellent and continuing work being done by Bullbuilder who provide extra funds to support the Academy system. A number of other clubs have similar supporters’ associations which raise funds to supplement the development of their first team squad. However, currently there is nothing like this available to the Bulls.

This is why we are introducing and inviting you to join the BRADFORD BULLS SQUAD BOOSTER ASSOCIATION (BBSBA), a new independent supporters association, additional to Bullbuilder, whose sole aim is to raise funds to supplement the existing Bradford Bulls club budget for retaining and signing first team squad players.

All funds raised will go directly into the BBSBA bank account. Then from time to time at the request of the Head Coach alone, and after consultation with the independent BBSBA committee, funds will be released to the Club to contribute to, for example, contracting a new player or extending an existing player’s contract. That means every penny you donate will go straight to strengthening the First Team Squad to make us as competitive as we can be with our rivals, most of whom already have a similar scheme established.

Together we can make the difference

To become a full member, which includes an invitation to our AGM, your annual contributions to BBSBA simply need to equal or exceed £60 per financial year which equates to £5 per month (year end 30th November annually ). Contributions of more than £5 per month would obviously be welcomed.

If you do not wish to become a member but would still like to make a contribution to BBSBA funds we are very happy to accept donations of any amount either as a regular payment or whenever you feel you can. You can do this using any of the methods listed below.


The easiest way to achieve this is:

  1. Set up a monthly Standing Order to the BBSBA bank account for £5 (or whatever amount you wish to donate) per month (the bank account details are below)
Bank Nat West
Branch Skipton
Account Number 53175948
Sort Code 010793
Account Name Bradford Bulls Squad Booster Association

NB – we have been notified that some banks/building societies can’t match the account name when the standing order or on line bank transfer is in the process of being set up. Most accept it as a near match but some say it doesn’t match. This is simply down to the number of characters in our organisation name (its probably too long TBH!). If anyone has any concerns when setting this up and wishes to contact us for further clarification please do so rather than not proceeding due to caution.

  1. Register your membership by completing the BBSBA membership form, click here to go to the membership form


If a monthly payment doesn’t suit you, contributions can also be made weekly, monthly, annually or by any other frequency of your choice provided they total at least £60 in the financial year.

Payments can be made by any of the following methods:

  • Regular standing order from your bank
  • Ad hoc bank transfers (please ensure your full name is shown as a reference)
  • Cheques payable to ‘Bradford Bulls Squad Booster Association’ (send to our Treasurer, Richard Wood or leave at the Bulls shop at Odsal Stadium in a clearly marked envelope)
  • Cash (for security we advise leaving this in the club shop at Odsal Stadium in a clearly marked envelope)

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