1. Will my money just be used towards signings and contracts?

“Yes, the money goes straight into the Bradford Bulls Squad Booster Association Account and can only be used to help sign new players or retain exisiting players. The Bulls club can not directly access BBSBA funds. BBSBA Trustees control the account and release funds in agreement with and at the request of  the Head Coach.”

  1. How much is the Squad Booster Association is expecting to raise?

[£11,648 was raised in the BBSBA’s first year (year ending November 2021),
and £12,322 in our second year (ending November 2022)]

  1. Who is involved in the Association?

The committee consists of a group of committed supporters, none of whom are employed by the club and are working on a purely voluntary basis. Further details on the members are available on our Committee page

  1. Can I pay more than £5 or make individual contributions?

Yes, the minimum is £5 per month but anything above this would obviously be gratefully received.

  1. Can a group of friends or a family join together to make a contribution?

Yes, each £60 per annum donated would entitle the group to one invitation to the AGM and one vote on any issue raised.

  1. Can I pay at the club or over the phone?

We are encouraging supporters to set up standing orders but contributions can be made in cash or by cheque at the Bulls shop or by contacting the Squad Booster treasurer on 07810500143.

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